• Handmade

  • Latina-Owned

  • Queer-Owned

  • Woman-Owned

"I adore the way Steph creates magic and poetry with her work. I feel like I’m not just wearing earrings, but a spell I carry with me in my heart."

Stephanie H. — Colorado, USA


Imbued with a palpable energy.

Steph Matthiesen Avilés

Steph is a Latina, queer, and pagan woman who has fostered a long relationship with different forms of art.

Although she holds a degree in creative writing, she found her passion in working with her hands and imbuing metal with intentional magic.

She delights in creating earrings that fill the wearer with vigor, and takes pride in the energy her work carries.

When she's not designing earrings, Steph enjoys being a dog mom and indulging in the humor of the internet. She currently resides in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.